Inspire policy making by territorial evidence
  • Online MapFinder - 60 new maps

    The ESPON Online MapFinder has been extended with additional maps. The maps are accompanied with an interpretation, description of the policy context and observations for policy. More

    Third ESPON 2013 Scientific Report

    Progress on a European Platform for Applied Territorial Science - ESPON presents achievements and developments to territorial sciences made in the 2013 Programme. The Report documents the progress made on building a scientific platform by refining and further developing methodologies. 

    Growth Poles - New Report

    Final Report of GROSEE - Growth Poles in South-East Europe 

    ESPON Seminar

    Rome, 4 and 5 December 2014 - ESPON invited to the Seminar “Territories Acting for Economic Growth - Using territorial evidence to meet challenges towards 2020". This seminar focused on ESPON’s results in relation to thematic priorities of the Trio of EU Presidency countries, Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg. More 

    ESPON Workshop

    Brussels, 25 November 2014 - ESPON invited to the Workshop “Territorial Evidence for an Urban Agenda”. The workshop addressed and discussed the territorial perspective of the increasing interest in strengthening the EU’s urban development objectives. More 

  • Map of the Month

    Regional Green Economic Performance, 2010

    “How far have different parts of Europe already progressed towards a green economy?”

    This is the question that this Map of the Month on the regional green economic performance, showing aggregated performance in different spheres, attempts to answer. 

  • ESPON 2020 Public Consultation

    The consultation closed on 2 April 2014. A consultation report is now available. 

  • Videos ESPON Tools

    To address today’s policy development, territorial diversity and cohesion challenges, ESPON provides a number of tools with valuable information and data for countries, regions, cities, and citizens. 

  • Evidence for Structural Funds Programmes

    The ESPON TerrEvi project produced factsheets presenting selected ESPON evidence in easy-to-understand way for all territorial cooperation programme areas. More


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