Inspire policy making by territorial evidence
  • Scenarios – Final Report

    Final Report of ET2050 - Territorial Scenarios and Visions for Europe 

    ESPON Toolbox - Functional Indicator Tool

    User-friendly application for producing and displaying innovative indicators related to the effects of transportation networks on accessibility and the territorial development 

    ESPON Toolbox - TIA Tool

    Territorial Impact Assessment Tool can be used to support regional policy makers and practitioners with identifying, ex-ante, potential territorial impacts of new EU Legislations, Policies and Directives. 

    ESPON Toolbox - Online Mapping Tool

    Online Mapping Tool provides the possibility to build maps and diagrams using various regional levels. With the tool you can combine indicators, adjust maps, make time animations and print, export, share the maps. 

    ESPON Toolbox - CityBench

    Citybench-Urban Benchmarking is a innovative and user-friendly tool for a first benchmarking of European cities, aimed at giving a first indication on suitable locations for urban investments based on various themes such as demography, economy, quality of life or investment climate. 

  • Map of the Month

    Regional Green Economic Performance, 2010

    “How far have different parts of Europe already progressed towards a green economy?”

    This is the question that this Map of the Month on the regional green economic performance, showing aggregated performance in different spheres, attempts to answer. 

  • ESPON 2020

    Adopted by the European Commission on 12 February 2015

    The ESPON 2020 Programme aims at promoting and fostering a European territorial dimension in development and cooperation by providing evidence, knowledge transfer and policy learning to public authorities and other policy actors at all levels. 

  • Videos ESPON Tools

    To address today’s policy development, territorial diversity and cohesion challenges, ESPON provides a number of tools with valuable information and data for countries, regions, cities, and citizens. 

  • Evidence for Structural Funds Programmes

    The ESPON TerrEvi project produced factsheets presenting selected ESPON evidence in easy-to-understand way for all territorial cooperation programme areas. More


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