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  • ESPON EGTC Vacancy

    One position is currently open: Director for the ESPON EGTC. More 

    ESPON Seminar “A world without borders - Refugees, cooperation and territories”

    Luxembourg, 8-9 December 2015 - Join the Seminar and hear from key note speakers on the territorial aspects of refugee migration, the cross-border cooperation, the monitoring for macro-regions as well as on the implementation of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme. Register now 

    Policy Brief "Territorial Scenarios for Europe towards 2050"

    Scenarios can be a useful tool to support policy-making. They can be used to communicate insights and discuss potential territorial developments, the impact of territorially relevant policies, and the political choices to be made. More 

    ESPON at the Open Days 2015

    Brussels, 13-15 October 2015 - ESPON will contribute to the Open Days with joint workshops and speeches in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions, the European Commission, INTERACT, INTERREG EUROPE and URBACT. Register now. 

    ESPON 2020 - Operation Proposal submitted

    28 July 2015 - The ESPON EGTC has submitted the Operation Proposal for the implementation of ESPON 2020. The ESPON Monitoring Committee will take the formal decision on the Proposal at the beginning of October 2015. More on ESPON 2020 

  • Policy Brief

    Territorial Scenarios for Europe towards 2050

    Territorial scenarios focusing on the development of metropolitan regions, of cities or of regions will towards 2050 deliver the same level of economic growth for Europe. However, attention to the development of cities seems to have a slight advantage towards 2030.

    An evolution during 2020-2050 gradually unleashing more and more growth potential for cities and regions will, assuming technological progress, lead to a significant reduction of regional disparities in relative terms, and deliver the highest overall economic growth for Europe with more limited environmental impacts in terms of land-take, transport and energy demand. 

  • Videos ESPON Tools

    To address today’s policy development, territorial diversity and cohesion challenges, ESPON provides a number of tools with valuable information and data for countries, regions, cities, and citizens. 

  • Evidence for Structural Funds Programmes

    The ESPON TerrEvi project produced factsheets presenting selected ESPON evidence in easy-to-understand way for all territorial cooperation programme areas. More


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    08-09 Dec 15 ESPON Seminar, Luxembourg
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