Inspire policy making by territorial evidence
  • Evidence Brief "A territorial monitoring tool for a European macro-region: the example of the Baltic Sea Region"

    Find out how policy making at macro-regional or transnational level can benefit from territorial evidence provided by ESPON. 

    Energy – New Report

    Draft Final Report of NSS - NORTH SEA STAR, North Sea - Spreading Transnational Results 

    Calls for Tenders

    Two Calls for Tenders are open: “ESPON Tools (2014) - Expanding the Online MapFinder” and ESPON Tools (2011-2014) – Feasibility Study on ESPON on the Web". Deadline for requesting the documentation is 20 May 2014. More 


    The ESPON Coordination Unit is looking for two trainees for a period of 5 months to join our international team, preferably starting by beginning of September 2014. Deadline for submitting an application is 11 May 2014. More 

    Territorial Evidence – new report

    Draft Final Report of ESPON TerrEvi – Territorial Evidence Packs for Structural Funds Programmes 

  • Map of the Month

    Hot Spots of Land Use Change

    Centuries of human activity has shaped current European landscapes. Not only by the geographical context and availability of resources, but also demographic evolution, economic development, urbanisation and infrastructure roll-out have played an important role in driving land use changes and shaping Europe’s current landscapes.

    In addition, the variation in European landscapes is also influenced by the differences in land use decision processes due to different patterns of legal, constitutional and administrative frameworks.

    Although the EU does not have any competence to regulate land use and land planning, there are several policies that have a strong impact on the territory and how the land is used (e.g. Habitats Directive or CAP).

    This Map of the Month presents areas where considerable land use changes have taken place in the period 1990–2006. These changes are related to substantial changes in the amount of area being used differently and/or to substantial changes in the intensity of how land is being used. 

  • ESPON 2020 Public Consultation

    The ESPON Programme 2014-2020 is currently being developed and through the Public Consultation your feedback would be very welcome. The Consultation is open until 2 April 2014. 

  • Videos ESPON Tools

    To address today’s policy development, territorial diversity and cohesion challenges, ESPON provides a number of tools with valuable information and data for countries, regions, cities, and citizens. 

  • Evidence for Structural Funds Programmes

    The ESPON TerrEvi project produced factsheets presenting selected ESPON evidence in easy-to-understand way for all territorial cooperation programme areas. More


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    29 Apr 14 ESPON Conference on Territorial Vision 2050 in Brussels
    14 May 14 LP3LP Project Final Symposium in Maastricht
    02-03 Jun 14 ESPON Monitoring Committee Meeting in Greece
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