Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • ESPON Seminar

    “Where are European cities heading?

    Evidence for better policy-making”


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    Bratislava - Slovak Republic, 7 and 8 December 2016

    14 October 2016 - The objective of the Seminar is to promote the use of existing and new upcoming ESPON territorial evidence in policy-making by bringing together and facilitating the dialogue among key stakeholders. The debate is also aimed at raising the awareness of ESPON support and increasing the usefulness of ESPON outputs by engaging stakeholders in designing the content of upcoming activities within the ESPON 2020 Cooperation programme.

    The event is organised in cooperation with the EU Presidency of Slovakia.

    Thematic focus

    The EU Urban Agenda provides an important framework for developing and implementing better policies and providing better knowledge to tackle urban challenges. Targeted and timely territorial evidence to support the work of urban partnerships is one of the key preconditions for their success. Therefore, one of the new priorities of ESPON in the coming years will be related to supporting the work of urban partnerships and the debate on their role in a wider territorial context.

    In this context, the agenda of the first day will be focused around the topic of urban development. It will be introduced by the presentations on the most recent trends in the development of cities and followed by parallel policy-labs engaging policy-makers and researchers in a debate on the policy needs and possible measures to promote sustainable and inclusive cities, as well as urban-rural partnerships.

    The afternoon of the first day and the second day of the seminar will be devoted to promoting the use of ESPON tools, creating new partnerships for targeted analysis activities and designing the content of next ESPON activities together with key stakeholders.


    The seminar programme consists of a mix of high profile keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops and training sessions. An innovative audience interaction tool will be used to crowd-source the best questions from the audience.

    During the workshops, stakeholders will be actively engaged in designing the content of the next ESPON activities to ensure that they are tailor-made to their needs of developing, implementing and monitoring policies. A stakeholder café will be organised to support building up new partnerships that could benefit from ESPON support.

    Special session Targeted Analyses

    For the Seminar we have designed a special session “ESPON on your demand: targeted analyses approach”, in order to bring forward and explore the experiences of stakeholders in designing targeted analyses and in applying their outcomes in policy-making. The presentations will be followed by a Stakeholder Café, offering a platform for exchange, debate and networking. More


    The Seminar is open to all interested policy makers, stakeholders, and practitioners at different levels, as well as scientists and experts who want to influence and further European policy processes on territorial issues and support the use of European territorial evidence for policy development and for the implementation of ESIF programmes. More specifically, this seminar will discuss the demand for new evidence and tools from cities, macro-regions, EU funded programmes and cross-border cooperation areas.

    The seminar has a maximum capacity of about 200 participants. It is free of charge but participants have to cover expenses for their own travel arrangements and accommodation.


    The registration for the Seminar is now closed.


    Hotel Bôrik

    Bôrik 15

    814 07 Bratislava - Slovak Republic


    Please don’t hesitate to contact ESPON ( should you need further information.

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