Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Social aspects of EU territorial development

    ESPON project 1.4.2

    Thematic scope and context

    This study is meant to explore main elements related to social aspects of territorial dynamics, and to prepare for a future ESPON applied research project.

    In that perspective, the study will focus on 4 key social components of territorial development:

    • housing,
    • education and training,
    • employment and income distribution, and
    • access to social services, services of general interest and mechanisms of public transfer

    In each of them, the study will try to identify key policies, challenges / problematic, but also concepts, key indicators, which will support the future implementation of a territorial analysis of social aspects, in relation to territorial development objectives of cohesion, balance, sustainability, attractiveness and competitiveness.

    Lead Partner

    Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning (ÖIR).
    Detailed information on the contracted project team under Transnational Project Groups.

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