Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Transport services and networks: territorial trends and supply

    ESPON Project 1.2.1

    Thematic scope and context

    Communication and exchange between cities and territories takes place via infrastructure networks where resources, goods, humans and information are exchanged. Access to those networks is increasingly becoming a crucial factor for territorial development. The accessibility to different parts of the EU territory and its regions is being mapped for different modes of transport, road, rail and air transport. An accessibility pattern for multi modal transport is also being displayed.

    The project has delivered new evidence on the policy orientation from the ESDP concerning "parity of access to infrastructure and knowledge", understood as a guideline promoting a better territorial balance and cohesion. The applied research shows that for accessibility a clear core-periphery pattern exists at European scale, in particular for road and rail access. The regions position in terms accessibility shows profound variations and challenges for regions when exploring their development potentials.

    Lead Partner

    University of Tours, Tours (France).
    Detailed information on the contracted project team under Transnational Project Groups.

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