Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • ESPON CLIMATE - Climate Change and Territorial Effects on Regions and Local Economies in Europe

    Thematic scope
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been pivotal in raising awareness on the costs of human inaction and interference with the climate system. The IPCC also indicated the urgency for studies disaggregated to the regional and even local scale. Furthermore, the IPCC identified a strong need for scenarios at regional and local scales to enable appropriate impact assessments. In its Green Paper “Adapting to climate change in Europe”, the European Commission also indicates that more research is needed to address the gaps in understanding global warming and its potential impacts on the environment. Against this backdrop, this project shall analyse how and to which degree climate change will impact on the competitiveness and cohesion of European regions and Europe as a whole. In addition, it shall investigate in which way policy can contribute to mitigate climate change, and to adapt to and manage those results of climate change that cannot be avoided, while making sure that synergies of mitigation and adaptation policies are being exploited.

    Please read more about the main research areas and main results envisaged.

    Lead Partner
    TU Dortmund University, Germany.
    Detailed information on the contracted project team can be found under Transnational Project Group.

    Sounding Board
    Eduarda Marques da Costa, Portugal
    Pekka Erik Kangas, Finland

    Budget: € 999.418,60

    Project’s lifetime: March 2009 – April 2011

    Delivery of Reports
    Inception Report: 23 June 2009
    Interim Report: 23 December 2009
    Draft Final Report: 25 February 2011
    Final Report: 31 May 2011

    Reports will be published once they are approved by the ESPON Monitoring Committee

    More information
    Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
    Michaela GENSHEIMER, e-mail:

    Name Type Size
    Final Report Main Report PDF 20.74 MB
    Final Report Executive Summary PDF 1.16 MB
    Final Report Scientific Report PDF 64.88 MB
    Final Report Case Study Alpine PDF 2.65 MB
    Final Report Case Study Tisza PDF 4.34 MB
    Final Report Case Study NRW PDF 4.65 MB
    Final Report Case Study Spain PDF 1.09 MB
    Final Report Case Study Bergen PDF 2.96 MB
    Final Report Case Study Netherlands PDF 6.97 MB
    Final Report Case Study Aquifers PDF 1.94 MB
    Final Report Glossary PDF 169.30 KB
    Final Report Indicators PDF 109.99 KB
    Draft Final Report PDF 12.64 MB
    Draft Final Report - Executive Summary PDF 444.98 KB
    Draft Final Report - Scientific Report PDF 22.89 MB
    Interim Report PDF 2.79 MB
    Annex PDF 3.17 MB
    Inception Report PDF 795.87 KB
    Project Specification PDF 44.34 KB
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