Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • ESPON Atlas on European Territorial Structures and Dynamics

    Thematic scope

    The ESPON Atlas 2014 is envisaged to present a synoptic and comprehensive overview of key findings from all ESPON 2013 Priority 1 and Priority 2 projects, which serve as main providers of new facts, evidence and knowledge about European territorial structures, trends and perspectives and policy impacts. Together with the indicators and datasets included in the ESPON Database, this project shall promote the mission of the ESPON 2013 Programme of supporting policy development by compiling an “ESPON Atlas on European Territorial Structures and Dynamics” by the end of the ESPON 2013 Programme.

    The Atlas will not take a particular policy defined point of departure, but aims at covering the multitude of ESPON themes in a comprehensive manner. It shall enable comparisons among regions and cities and support the understanding of European territorial diversity of potentials and challenges.

    Please read more about the main research areas and main results envisaged on the next page.

    Scientific support to policy development

    • A basic and comprehensive approach should make the Atlas useful and appealing for deeper studying of all themes and aspects of European territorial development that may be interesting in a place-based approach.
    • Based on the maps selected and produced, the project is expected to analyse and make an interpretation of each map. The maps selected and produced should be accompanied by a short text with the main key messages and relevant policy observations at different geographical levels and for different types of regions.
    • The interpretation of maps included in the Atlas should be made in a highly communicative and understandable way and presented in a simple style for policy makers. However the Atlas shall still give solid, accurate and reliable explanations on the phenomena studied and displayed in order also to be able to serve teaching purposes.

    Lead Partner

    Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Regional Development, Germany

    Detailed information on the contracted project team can be found under Transnational Project Groups.

    Budget: € 149 992.00

    Project’s lifetime: February 2012 – July 2014

    Delivery of Reports

    Inception Report: 27 June 2012

    Interim Report: 31 March 2013

    Draft Final Report: 30 April 2014

    Final Report: 31 August 2014


    Reports will be published once they are approved by the ESPON Monitoring Committee

    More information

    Please contact the Project Experts at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
    Michaela GENSHEIMER, e-mail:

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