Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Natural Hazards


    Update of Maps and Related Data on Natural Hazards

    Tasks envisaged

    The service contract for updating with most recent data the ESPON 2006 maps resulting from the ESPON 2006 Project 1.3.1 on “Spatial effects of natural and technological hazards” comprehends the following tasks:

    - Data collection of the most recent data available, data transformation and harmonisation needed for the updating of the ESPON 2006 map “Aggregated Natural Hazards”. This service comprehends the updating of the following indicators related to natural hazards with the most recent data available:

    1. Avalanches,

    2. Drought potential,

    3. Earthquakes,

    4. Extreme temperatures,

    5. Floods,

    6. Forest fires,

    7. Landslides,

    8. Storm surges,

    9. Tsunamis,

    10. Volcanic eruptions,

    11. Winter and tropical storms.

    - Building a composite hazards indicator

    - Building an integrated vulnerability index

    - Building risk indicators

    - Producing maps:

    1. Maps for each of the 11 indicators mentioned in Task 1 in a relevant standardized grid and at NUTS 3 level;

    2. Maps for the composite indicator resulting from Task 2 at NUTS 3 level and, if possible, using a relevant standardised grid;

    3. Map for the integrated vulnerability index resulting from Task 3 at NUTS 3 level;

    4. Maps for the relevant risk indicators resulting from Task 4 at NUTS 3 level;

    5. Maps showing dynamics, where the highest pressures have been during the last 5-10 years, should be delivered when possible.

    - Analysing the territorial dynamics and risks

    - Reading and critical commenting of a draft final version of an ESPON Territorial Observation planned to be drafted by the ESPON Coordination Unit

    Service Provider

    GeoVille Environmental Service Sarl

    3, Zone industrielle Bombicht

    L-6947 Nideranven


    Budget: € 69.000,00 (incl. VAT)

    Delivery of data, maps and reports: 13 December 2012

    More information

    Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:

    Ann-Gritt PANNENBORG (NEUSE), e-mail: