Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Demography and Migration

    Update of Demography/Migration Typology Map

    Tasks envisaged
    The service contract for updating the demography/migration typology map from the ESPON 2006 Project 1.1.4 “The Spatial Effects of Demographic Trends and Migration” includes the following tasks:

    • Data collection for the period 2001-2005 including data transformation and harmonization
    • Production and updating of maps showing the current situation and the changes in population development between 1996-1999 and 2001-2005.
    • (Re)creation of one ESPON 2006 map: “Components of population development 1996-1999” to NUTS 2006 version.
    • Analysis of the territorial dynamics and trends for population evolution and migratory balance in Europe and its regions. In the conclusions of the analysis the three level approach developed by ESPON 2006 Programme is applied and the relation to methodological issues is explained.

    Service Provider

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Drottning Kristinas väg, 30
    SE-10044 Stockholm

    Budget: € 20.000

    Delivery of data, maps and reports
    7 November 2008

    More information
    Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
    Sandra DI BIAGGIO, e-mail: