Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Lisbon Strategy Performance

    Update of Lisbon Strategy Performance of Regions

    Tasks envisaged
    The service contract for updating the Lisbon strategy performance of regions with 2006 data comprehends the following tasks:

    • Data collection (most recent data available, 2006 data), data transformation and harmonisation needed for the updating of the ESPON 2006 map: “Economic Lisbon indicators” made by the ESPON 2006 project 3.3 on “Territorial Dimension of the Lisbon/Gothenburg Process”. This service comprehends the updating of the following Lisbon indicators with the most recent data available:
      • GDP (pps) per inhabitant;
      • GDP as purchasing power parities person employed;
      • Persons employed aged 15-64 as share of the total population of the same age group;
      • employment persons aged 55-64 as share of the total population of the same age group;
      • GERD: gross domestic expenditure on research and development as share of GDP;
      • Coefficient of variation of NUTS 3 level unemployment rates within each NUTS 2 region;
      • Persons unemployed for more than 12 months as a share of the total labour force.
    • Besides this, the composite “Lisbon indicator” is build up and described according to the methodology used in ESPON 2006 Programme.
    • Production and updating of the above mentioned ESPON map: “Economic Lisbon indicators” for NUTS2006 version.
    • (Re)creation of the ESPON 2006 map: “Economic Lisbon indicators” to NUTS 2006 version.
    • Production of 2 additional maps showing changes in relative and absolute terms between 2000-2006 plus one map showing the change of the relative position of the regions (NUTS 2006 version).
    • Analysis of the territorial dynamics and trends on the regional performance of the Lisbon indicators updatesd. In the conclusions of the analysis the three level approach developed by ESPON 2006 Programme is applied and the methodological issues is explained.

    Service Provider

    Eurofutures Finland
    Dönsbyvägen, 132
    FIN-10300 Karis

    Budget: € 20.000

    Delivery of data, maps and reports
    16 November 2009

    More information
    Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
    Sandra DI BIAGGIO, e-mail: