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  • Telecommunication and IT-Rollout


    Update of Telecommunication and IT-rollout maps

    Tasks envisaged

    The service contract for updating the Telecommunication and IT-rollout maps with 2006 data comprehends the following tasks:

    • Data collection (most recent data available), data transformation and harmonisation needed for the updating of the ESPON 2006 map: “Combined household and business telecommunications development” made by the ESPON 2006 project on “Telecommunication Services and Networks” (ESPON 2006 project 1.2.2). This service comprehends the updating of the following telecommunication indicators to 2009:
      1. Households with access to the Internet at home
      2. Households with broadband access (as a proportion of all households with access to the Internet at home)
      3. Individuals regularly using the Internet
      4. Individuals who have never used a computer
      5. Individuals who ordered goods or services over the Internet for private use
      6. International Internet backbone capacity (city level)
      7. Intercity IP data links (city level)
      8. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) data traffic (city level)
    • Combine the above mentioned indicators into a composite index (European Internet Index);
    • Provide an equivalent composite index, using 2006 data.
    • Provide maps of the composite indicators for 2006 and 2009 (NUTS 2006 version).
    • Produce two additional maps showing relative and absolute changes in the composite index, 2006-9 (NUTS 2006 version).
    • Produce a table showing the transfer between the levels of telecommunications development between the two periods considered.
    • Analyse the territorial dynamics and trends (changes of telecommunications development both in relative and absolute terms between the two periods considered) in Europe and its regions.

    Service Provider

    Centre for Urban & Regional Studies (CURDS),
    University of Newcastle
    NE2 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne
    United Kingdom

    Budget: € 15.000

    Delivery of data, maps and reports: 30 November 2010

    More information
    Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
    Marjan VAN HERWIJNEN, e-mail: