Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • INTERCO - Indicators of Territorial Cohesion

    Thematic scope

    The Lisbon Treaty adds the aim “Territorial Cohesion” as an official policy aim of the EU to the earlier aims of economic and social cohesion. Hence, the Commission and EU Member States are in a process of defining further the concept of “Territorial Cohesion”. The Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion of 2008 did bring this topic to a wide public debate. Detailing future Structural Funds 2014-2020 is expected to further progress the concept. In order to understand structures, trends and scenarios related to territorial cohesion it highlights the need to improve the evidence base and develop indicators related to territorial cohesion in order to monitor territorial dynamics related to the policy aim. The main objective of the Territorial Indicators and Indices Project is therefore to develop a set of indicators and indices that could be used to support policy makers in measuring and monitoring territorial cohesion related to European territorial development.

    This project shall provide a set of comparable and reliable indicators and indices that can be used to measure territorial cohesion, complex territorial development, structural issues, territorial challenges and opportunities as well as territorial effects at different geographical levels and types of regions. During the different steps in developing this set of indicators and indices other ESPON projects and relevant policy makers and stakeholders will be involved.

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    Lead Partner

    University of Geneva, Switzerland.
    Detailed information on the contracted project team can be found under Transnational Project Groups.

    Budget: € 396 400.00

    Project’s lifetime: February 2010 – February 2012

    Delivery of Reports
    Inception Report: 31 August 2010
    Interim Report: 31 March 2011
    Draft Final Report: 30 November 2011
    Final Report: 29 February 2012

    Reports will be published once they are approved by the ESPON Monitoring Committee

    More information
    Please contact the Project Expert at the ESPON Coordination Unit:
    Marjan VAN HERWIJNEN, e-mail:

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