Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Survey on Themes for Future Applied Research Projects

    The ESPON 2013 Programme – the European Observation Network on Territorial Development and Cohesion – shall support policy development in relation to territorial development and cohesion. Applied research and analysis shall provide stakeholders at European, national, regional, urban, cross-border and transnational levels with comparable facts and evidence on territorial trends, perspectives and policy impacts, seen from a European perspective. This shall help improving the awareness and understanding of development opportunities in regions, cities and larger territories as well as of challenges and problematic trends that need political attention. In this context the contribution to the new Europe 2020 Strategy is important and the existing diversity of potentials shall be the basis to territorialize the strategy.

    The ESPON Monitoring Committee is currently discussing themes for future applied research projects within the ESPON 2013 Programme. The themes selected by July 2010 will be subject of the next call for proposals under Priority 1: “Applied research on territorial development, competitiveness & cohesion; evidence on European territorial trends, perspectives and policy impacts”.

    The ESPON 2013 Programme foresees a regular screening of themes in demand by stakeholders. The first screening of user demand, conducted in summer 2008, delivered important knowledge about stakeholders’ need for territorial evidence. The results of this survey contributed to the definition of themes for the second round of applied research projects.

    It is vital that different stakeholders can again make a contribution to the definition of new themes in this second screening of user demand. The aim in the Lisbon Treaty of Territorial Cohesion, the work on the Territorial Agenda for the European Union as well as the increasing interest in an integrated and territorial approach to the development of regions, cities and larger territories all point at a growing demand for evidence and facts.

    The questionnaire serves the purpose of mapping this demand for knowledge and evidence among stakeholders involved in territorial development in different territorial contexts and at different scales.
    By answering the questions you will contribute to a sound identification of themes and territorial issues, considered to be important from your perspective. The results of this stakeholder screening will be used in the process of the ESPON Monitoring Committee selecting themes for applied territorial research and will significantly support the ESPON 2013 Programme in meeting your demands. The results will be published in a report on the ESPON Website.

    Please take the 10 minutes needed to express your need for new evidence. You should base your answers on your personal considerations keeping in mind the possible contribution of ESPON projects in supporting you in your work. Your contribution will be treated anonymously.

    In case you have any queries do not hesitate to contact the ESPON CU ( or ). Thank you in advance for your time, involvement and cooperation.

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