Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • ESPON Atlas

    Mapping the structure of the European territory 

    ESPON AtlasOctober 2006

    The ESPON Atlas provides a synoptic and comprehensive overview of findings from ESPON Projects of the 2006 Programme. The results have been compiled thematically and arranged in the form of synthesis maps which combine results of different projects. These synthetic maps are prefaced by original project maps to provide users with more in-depth background information.

    The Atlas is complementary to other ESPON reports. Together they provide new insights into European territorial trends, perspectives and policy impacts. In particular the Atlas has been designed to accompany the final ESPON Synthesis Report III by deepening the thematic and project related information provided giving more space to visual presentations of project results. The ESPON Atlas is based on information provided by all ESPON projects.

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