6 new calls for Tenders published - deadline 17 April 2023

Today we published 6 new calls for Tenders for our first European research territorial studies, under the ESPON 2030 Programme. These calls cover the 4 Thematic Action Plans that have been already approved. You can find more information about the topics, the budget and requirements of the calls following the links below. The deadline to submit your tenders is 17 April 2023 -attention: different timeslots for each of the calls

TAP Places Resilient to Crises

Territorialising Resilience: Transforming Europe for an Age of Crisis [TERRES]

TAP Climate neutral territories

Territorial cooperation for blue renewable energy [CoBren]
Territorial Analysis of Decentralised Energy Markets [TANDEM]

TAP Governance of new geographies

Territorial governance of non-standard geographies [No-Stageo]

TAP Perspectives for All People and Places

Overlapping crises (re)shaping the future of regional labour markets [OVERLAP]
Access to affordable and quality housing for all people [HouseForAll]