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  • Latest News | 13 January 2020

    2020 is a landmark year for Europe. Brexit apart, what are the challenges and EU is facing and how is ESPON supporting European stakeholders to address them?

  • Newsletters | 1 December 2019

    Εven if you are not joining us in Helsinki, you can still follow the plenary debates and some of our workshops during both days of the seminar (27-28 of November). Another highlight of the seminar

  • Videos | 22 November 2019

    A short debate on the results of our ESPON project ACPA (Adapting European Cities to Population Ageing) with Piera Petruzzi of ESPON EG

  • Videos | 14 November 2019

    A short debate on the Financial Instruments and Territorial Cohesion with Zintis Hermansons of ESPON EGTC and Fiona Wishlade from the University of Strathclyde

  • Videos | 14 November 2019

    A short debate on territorial scenarios for the Baltic Sea region based on the findings of the ESPON project BT2050 with Sandra Di Biaggio and lda Nikodemusa, Luciane Aguiar Borges and Mathilde Konstantopoulou

  • Latest News | 13 November 2019

    The partnership of ENSURE project met in Cork to discuss the findings of the project, ahead of the submission of the final report. The meeting was also including a site visit to the Southern Docklands of Cork in one of the sites that are scheduled to be developed.

  • Latest News | 11 November 2019

    An exciting ESPON event that gathered in Bucharest policy-makers from the European, national and regional level, together with ESPON researchers to examine the territorial dimension of labour markets in Southern Europe

  • Videos | 5 November 2019

    Α short debate on the main outcomes of our ESPON project GRETA with Michaela Gensheimer and Gemma García Blanco.

  • Newsletters | 1 November 2019

    On 27-28 November 2019, in Helsinki, we are organising our new ESPON seminar, together with the Finnish Presidency.

  • Videos | 31 October 2019

    Debate on the use and the impact of our Territorial Impact Assessment Tool with representatives from the CoR, ÖIR and the EC DG REGIO.