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  • Newsletters | 1 October 2019

    You don't want to miss our next ESPON seminar, that we organise in Helsinki, 27-28 November 2019, in cooperation with the Finnish Presidency.

  • Latest News | 24 September 2019

    What might urbanisation look like in 2050, and what impacts could this have on the environment?

  • Newsletters | 12 September 2019

    Are you ready for the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019? This year ESPON will have an impressive presence, with 16 sessions that we are organising or participating.

  • Newsletters | 29 July 2019

    The Bucharest declaration, signed by the EU Ministers Responsible for Urban Matters on the 19th of June, provides a clear map for stronger integration of the urban and territorial agendas as well a

  • Latest News | 9 July 2019

    ESPON had impressive participation in the European Week of Regions and Cities. An infographic and a report from all our sessions are available in this updated article. 

  • Newsletters | 4 June 2019

    European elections are now over. The new Parliament and EU ministers will continue the negotiations on funding for the future Cohesion Policy.

  • Newsletters | 29 May 2019

    Besides changing legislation and methods of planning, a new place-based approach of territorial development requires a change in mentality from policymakers, administration, and citizens to think a

  • Newsletters | 29 May 2019

    The European Parliament voted on the future of Cohesion policy this month.

  • Latest News | 29 May 2019

    What role does e-Health play in territorial development? How can digital transformation policies contribute to territorial cohesion across Europe, at city, regional and national level?

  • Latest News | 28 May 2019

    European Maritime Day is always a unique opportunity for the community of people related to Maritime and Blue Growth issues to gather, exchange innovative ideas and network.