Potentials of Cross-border Public Services for European Border Regions
Co-organised with the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)



10 December 2019

Freedom of movement of EU citizens across borders in Europe is a cornerstone of the EU. People cross national borders on a daily basis for education, work or leisure. At the same time, border regions are often among the less advanced regions in their national context. Supporting cross-border flows is one means to improve border regions' perspectives. Public authorities may seek to cooperate across national borders for their public service provision to address some typical challenges of border regions. Stakeholders implementing Interreg can seek to support public authorities in this approach.

The ESPON targeted analysis on Cross-border Public Services (CPS) aimed to improve delivery practices of CPS in European border regions and to increase awareness about the added value of CPS provision. This webinar will provide insights into the study’s findings with a focus on interests of border regions and cross-border institutions. Insights will be given from different angles that may be of interest for local and regional public authorities and providers of public services in these regions. Findings of the study will be complemented by various insights from AEBR.

The agenda of the seminar will be adjusted to the composition and interests of participants. From the study’s results possible elements for presentation and discussion are:

  • short overview of main findings of CPS in Europe – what are typical CPS, where do we find them, what is lacking, what are themes with high potential for future CPS development etc.;
  • results addressing interests of players in border regions aiming to develop CPS – how can specific challenges be overcome, what can be learned from good practices and case studies etc.;
  • results giving guidance for local authorities, public administrations and service operators not experienced but interested in CPS development – what questions need to be addressed during CPS development, how to use the practical guide developed by the CPS project etc.;
  • findings of interest for beneficiaries of European Programmes, and Interreg programmes in particular – how can European funds be utilised to fostering CPS development etc.


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Potentials of Cross-border Public Services in selected European border areas

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