Latest News | July 19, 2022

After a intensive  and constructive period of preparations and consultations  Commissioner Elisa Ferreira announced on 6 July 2022 that the European Commission has approved the new ESPON programme

Latest News | July 01, 2022

El passat 23 de novembre de 2021 es va celebrar a Barcelona el seminari “El paper de les ciutats i les àrees metropolitanes en la política de cohesió: reptes per al període 2021-2027”, organitzat

Latest News | May 24, 2022

COVID-19, like earlier pandemics, had a devastating impact on the tourism sector, with the consequences still being felt. Pandemics often result in a considerable drop in visitor arrivals, and as such

Latest News | April 26, 2022

European regions exhibit strong disparities in relation to their innovation capacity in terms of both the development of innovation and the appropriation of social, economic and environmental benefits

Latest News | April 16, 2022

The seminar-discussion “Challenges for the Future Development of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area” was held on February 22, 2022. About 120 participants had the opportunity to know and discuss the results

Latest News | April 03, 2022

During an online seminar discussion “Role of cohesion policy in the Planning of Metropolitan areas - Brussels case study”, 30 participants were invited to discuss the results of the international ESPON

Latest News | March 29, 2022

The high-level online conference “From ESPON 2020 to ESPON 2030 – Building on 20 years of innovative support for territorial policy-making” on 29 March 2022 gathered more than 400 participants to

Latest News | March 11, 2022

Diskusijā “Rīgas metropoles nākotnes attīstības izaicinājumi”  vairāk nekā 400 dalībnieki tika iepazīstināti ar starptautiska ESPON pētījuma “METRO Kohēzijas politikas

Latest News | March 07, 2022

The ESPON Geography of COVID-19 project (Territorial impacts of COVID-19 and policy answers in European regions and cities) is conducting a survey on how local/regional administrations across

Latest News | March 04, 2022

Discontent, Division, Disparities, Divides. Those are the four "Ds" characterising the spatial megatrends in Europe today, according to the ESPON findings, as presented by the director of ESPON, Mr Wiktor