Open Calls | July 05, 2019

The service contract shall analyse and compare the digitalisation of planning data in Denmark, Norway and Switzerland including the scope, organisation, financing as well as the current and potential future

Open Calls | July 04, 2019

The service contract shall investigate spatial dynamics and existing flows across regions in Central Europe (CE) and identify main development potentials, drivers and bottlenecks in that functional area.

Open Calls | June 17, 2019

This call for tenders serves the transnational outreach strand of the ESPON EGTC and aims at bidders that can render planning, analytical, editorial and logistical services for the design, implementation

Open Calls | April 25, 2019

With this call the ESPON EGTC shall purchase the following IT hardware:(up to) 15 mobile workstations (laptops) with docking stations(up to) 3 standard desktop workstations(up to) 1 advanced desktop workstation(up

Open Calls | April 16, 2019

The service contract shall analyse challenges and opportunities for development of entrepreneurship and attracting investments for business development in the cross-border areas at the EU external borders

Open Calls | April 16, 2019

The service contract shall research the specific long-term development challenges facing metropolitan areas based on case studies of seven stakeholder city regions due to the changing locational preferences

Open Calls | April 16, 2019

The main objective of this service contract is to provide an empirical foundation for destinations and help local leaders assess their situation and identify vulnerabilities in relation to sustainable