Policy Briefs | June 05, 2019

The free movement of labour is one of the “four freedoms” of the European Union and its single market. While many economically dynamic cities and regions have experienced significant in-migration of

cross-border public services
Policy Briefs | June 03, 2019

This Policy Brief builds on evidence provided by an ESPON targeted analysis on cross-border public services (CPS) across Europe, which was conducted with the support of the Association of European Border

Policy Briefs | December 21, 2018

Green infrastructure (GI) is considered a benefit for territorial development because it provides multiple functions within the same spatial area. The underlying principle of GI is that the same area of

Policy Briefs | December 21, 2018

The joint ESPON and Interact Working Paper “Migration and the Role of European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)” stems from the conclusions of the General Affairs Council meeting in November 2015. The

Policy Briefs | December 20, 2018

This working paper builds on evidence provided by an ESPON targeted analysis on cross-border public services (CPS) across Europe.Exploring territorial patterns of cross-border public services, this overview

Inner Peripheries
Policy Briefs | September 28, 2018

Inner peripheral areas are present in almost all European countries; they deserve political attention in order to support the essential action of local stakeholders that are dealing with the associated

Policy Briefs | September 10, 2018

Shaping the territorial dimension of future policies requires an understanding of the territorial diversity around the EU within and beyond their administrative boundaries. This is a prerequisite for policy

policy brief working paper governance planning financial tools
Policy Briefs | April 19, 2018

European states, cities and regions have developed a variety of horizontal and vertical cooperative ventures like institutional networks, partnership arrangements and governance inter-relations. Strengthening

policy brief working paper indicators urban development impact
Policy Briefs | April 19, 2018

Under the Cohesion Policy for 2014 – 2020 integrated territorial development has gained a new momentum. The European Commission has introduced new tools that can be used to implement territorial strategies

policy makers digitalisation digital public services
Policy Briefs | October 23, 2017

Digital tools and solutions are transforming public services and how governments respond to citizens’ needs. Many cities have been actively engaging in the modernisation and re-engineering