Pre-Announcement | October 29, 2019

The Espon EGTC will tender 4 Service Contracts for Targeted Analyses:1) Sustainable transport infrastructure in the strategic urban region Eurodelta (STISE).Lead stakeholder: Province of Zuid-Holland,

Pre-Announcement | July 01, 2019

The ESPON EGTC will tender 9 service contracts: 1) Applied Research: Digital transition of government and public services2) Targeted Analysis: European Research for Maritime Eco(nomic)clusters governance

Pre-Announcement | December 14, 2018

The ESPON EGTC will tender 3 Targeted Analyses:(1) Economic sprawl (SPRAWL). Lead stakeholder: Vienna City Administration (AT);(2) Business Development Opportunities on External EU Borders (BUS). Lead

Pre-Announcement | October 26, 2018

The ESPON EGTC will use the procedure of competitive dialogue for launching the following contract:Applied Research "Cultural heritage as a source of societal well-being in European regions"Further

Pre-Announcement | June 05, 2018

The ESPON EGTC will tender 12 service contracts: (1) Targeted analysis: Adapting European Cities to Population Ageing: policy challenges and best practices (ACPA). Lead stakeholder: Greater Manchester

pre-announcement applied research
Pre-Announcement | January 02, 2018

In 2018 the ESPON EGTC will tender 6 applied research activities:The transition of regional economiesRural development in EuropeInterregional relations in EuropeSustainable land useTerritorial

Pre-Announcement | September 28, 2017

The ESPON EGTC will tender 4 service contracts for Targeted Analyses:1) Territorial Impact Assessment for Cross-Border Cooperation (TIA CBC)Lead stakeholderJoint Secretariat of INTERREG Deutschland-Nederland

Pre-Announcement | April 27, 2017

The ESPON EGTC will tender the following service contracts:European and macro-regional monitoring toolsFunctional urban areas and regions in EuropeMonitoring real estate prices in European citiesTerritorial

Pre-Announcement | March 24, 2017

The ESPON EGTC will tender 4 service contracts for Targeted Analyses:1) Alps2050 – Common spatial perspectives for the Alpine Space. Towards a common vision.Lead stakeholderFederal Ministry of Transport

Pre-Announcement | January 27, 2017

In 2017 the ESPON EGTC will tender 7 applied research activities:Financial instruments and territorial cohesionGreen infrastructures and ecosystem servicesEuropean territorial reference framework