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Synthesis Reports | January 22, 2018

With this report, ESPON is pleased to share key findings from the Seminar in Tallinn 2017 as well as insights into how the ESPON community is gearing up for shaping the territorial future of

Synthesis Reports | October 21, 2014

Territories finding a New Momentum: Evidence for Policy Development, Growth and InvestmentResults by July 2013September 2014 - ESPON presents in this report a third synthesis of findings building

Synthesis Reports | July 10, 2013

Territorial insight: Where to focus what types of investmentsResults by early 2013June 2013 - EU Cohesion Policy post-2013 focuses on eleven investment themes where cities and regions need to improve their

Synthesis Reports | November 04, 2010

New Evidence on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive TerritoriesResults by summer 2010October 2010 - This ESPON Report presents a synthesis of results from the major Applied Research projects undertaken by