Migration flows and integration policies
Data evidence and best practices in the EU


Athens, Greece

Electra Metropolis Hotel

21 November 2018 to 22 November 2018

Mitropoleos 15
10557 Athens

The ESPON-Interact Conference “Migration flows and integration policies - Data evidence and best practices in the EU” took place in Athens, Greece, on the 22-23rd of November.

After the massive migration crisis of 2015, now southern European countries have to deal with the medium to long-term challenge of integration. As Professor Bianchini from the University of Bologna noted, we need “Long-term policies for long-term issues, as migration is not an emergency but a global fact”.

The policy questions now are how to put in place mechanisms for multi-level governance and to build the bridge between national governments – responsible for regulations such as the Greek ‘National Strategy for Integration of Third-Country Nationals (TCN)’ – and the flexibility of local bottom-up approaches and concrete actions. Further attention to vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied minors (UAM) and the improvement of relocation schemes with more focus and a better understanding of the absorption capacity of regions (public support, demographic trends and employment patterns) is needed.

While there are no ‘one size fits all’ solution for integration, a multi-level and cross-sectoral approach is needed – combining housing, education, health and more actions for matching skills with job opportunities. More comparative data on regions and with a strong emphasis on the city-level – as cities are magnets for integration – is needed and this is where ESPON can provide territorial evidence.

More actions are also needed on developing more positive narratives – promoting migration not as a threat but rather an opportunity – as migrants will certainly be needed in some work sectors as the European Economic and Social Committee member on the final conference panel pointed out.

While there are variety of programmes and organisations dealing with migration, more effort is needed to engage and involve migrants in programmes available instead of them being seen as passive recipients. There is also the need to counteract the risk of ‘inertia’ from both refugees and municipalities. There is now considerable efforts to support municipalities and instill a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Migration is a key aspect for territorial cohesion and requires a better understanding of the flows for more focused place-based approaches.

Future research should involve a better understanding of the ‘value chain’ from reception to integration and requires more data and evidence such as employment patterns, demographic changes, economic transformation and skills/re-skilling – not only applicable to migrants but to all citizens across Europe.


Transnational Observation - Refugee and asylum seeker flows (EN)

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Transnational Observation - Ροές προσφύγων και αιτούντων άσυλο

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ESPON Interact Conference Migration Athens Nov 2018 - Final Report.pdf

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ESPON Interact Programme Athens

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Introduction - Maria Nikolstsiou

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ESPON introduction - Dr Laurent Frideres, ESPON EGTC

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Ministry of Migration Policy RIS (Greece) - Mr D Mermiris

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ESPON MIGRARE - Laura Todaro

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Territorial and Urban Potentials - Dr Marco Zoppi, Prof Stefano Bianchini

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NADINE - Dr Elissavet Lykogianni

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Best practices in Sicily - Roberta Lo Bianco (CESIE)

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Strenghtening Municipal Structures - Konstantinos Kousaxidis (IOM)

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Social Integration Athens - Lefteris Papayannakis (Deputy Mayor of Athens)

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UIA Curing the Limbo (Athens) - Amalia Zepou

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Local dimension of integration policies - Vitsentzatos Nassos (Greek)

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Housing Experience ESTIA (Livadia) - Giota Poulou

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Urban Agenda for the EU - Panagiotis Exarchos

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Caritas - Maria Koutatzi

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Interact - Tomasz Petrykowski

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DG HOME EU Integration Policy - Evangelista Georgitsi

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DG Regio Post2020 - Maria Soumela

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EC Joint Reserch Centre - Michele Vespe

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Testimony Mr Abou Tagourla (Mauritania - France)

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Interreg MED PANORAMED Project - Michele Colavito (Italy)

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Interreg Danube DRIM Project - Sanja Krilic

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URBACT Arrival Cities Network - Laura Colini

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Panel Discussion - Besiana Ninka

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