Save the date: Integrated Territorial Development in V4+2


new challenges, new ideas, new responses


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Budapest, Hungary

Grand Hall of the Ministry for National Economy

7 March 2018 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

József nádor tér 2-4
1051 Budapest

Save the date:

Integrated Territorial Development in V4+2 countries: new challenges, new ideas, new responses

Contributions from ESPON research

The conference will be held at:

Ministry for National Economy, Budapest, Hungary

09:00-17:00, 7th March 2018


The conference will examine the challenges for Integrated Territorial Development in the Visegrad 4+2 countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania) and share ESPON applied research results in the context of territorial governance and spatial planning systems in the V4+2. With concepts such as mainstreamed cooperation, Communities of Intent, place-based strategies and integration of inner peripheries, ESPON will provide further insights into the new logic of and new needs for integration. An expert panel on demand-responsive programming will be exploring synergies between ESIF, R&I and financial instruments, seeking answer to the question as to how to adequately address the new integration demand with support schemes and instruments.

The conference is aiming at:

  • Policy makers responsible for integrated territorial development at national, regional and local level;
  • Researchers and policy makers responsible for the Common Spatial Development Strategy of the V4+2;
  • Policy makers responsible for the design, implementation, evaluation and revision processes of the National Development and Territorial Development Concept of Hungary; the National spatial development concept 2030 of Poland; the Spatial Development Policy of the Czech Republic; the concept of territorial development of Slovakia; the National Regional Development Strategy (NRDS) of the Republic of Bulgaria; the Spatial Planning of the National Territory of Romania;
  • Managing Authorities of ESIF mainstream programmes;
  • Managing Authorities, Joint Secretariats, Joint Programming Committee members of Interreg programmes in the V4+2;
  • Priority area coordinators and strategic project leaders of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region 
  • Policy makers responsible for R&I programming from V4+2
  • Policy makers responsible for enterpreneurial and competitiveness policies / programming from V4+2
  • Policy makers responsible for integrated financial engineering (e.g. blending) from V4+2
  • Delegates from Euroregions from V4+2
  • Delegates from Local Action Groups from V4+2

The conference language is English with simultaneous interpretation into Hungarian.

The conference is free of charge.

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DRAFT AGENDA: Integrated Territorial Development in V4+2

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