Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences -the case of Luxembourg

We published today a new report of our Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences (CIRCTER) project. This report will focus on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which, at the moment, is developing its national Circular Economy Strategy. In this respect, CIRCTER’s evidence provides further critical insights into the internal ongoing policy processes carried out by different Ministries. 

Claude Turmes, Minister for Spatial Planning of Luxembourg, notes in his forward message: "The results of ESPON’s CIRCTER spin-off for Luxembourg come at the right moment, as they provide valuable data and information for setting objectives and drafting roadmaps for implementing circular economy principles in key economic sectors. The territorial analysis allows for the benchmarking of local and national efforts against other regions in Europe and designing tailor-made recommendations. The CIRCTER results position Luxembourg as one of the cutting-edge European regions in terms of circular business models already installed in the country.

On the other hand, the analysis highlights very different circularity performance scores across municipalities, thereby confirming the need for coherent governance and strong institutional cooperation along entire value chains, as identified in the National Circular Economy Strategy. This spin-off is also an opportunity for the CIRCTER research team to apply the project’s methodology and tailor the project’s policy recommendations to an almost unique territorial context characterised by a high degree of cross-border integration in the heart of Europe".

CIRCTER project produced regional estimates (at NUTS-2 level) for the main material consumption and waste generation and treatment indicators available from Eurostat. In addition, the CIRCTER project developed a sectoral perspective of the circular economy. This differentiates between the demand-side and supply-side of circular product and/or services

MAP: total waste (excluding major mineral waste) in tons per capita


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