Claude Turmes welcomes the new director of ESPON EGTC

The Minister of Spatial Planning, Claude Turmes, received on 28 January 2021 the new director of EGTC ESPON, Wiktor Szydarowski, for an exchange on the ESPON programme. The Department of Spatial Planning of the Ministry of Spatial Planning plays the role of 'Managing authority.

This was the first meeting with the Minister since Wiktor Szydarowski, with a doctorate in geography and regional planning, took over the management of the ESPON EGTC - at a pivotal moment in the ESPON program: between the finalization of the current programming period 2014-2020 and the preparation of the future period of 2021-2027 programming.

During this meeting, the Minister and the Director went through the activities carried out by the programme and shared views on the results obtained as well as on the future prospects of the programme, with the aim to support EU territorial cohesion.

ESPON EGTC: a European centre of excellence for territorial development policies

The Minister expressed his satisfaction for the production of numerous territorial data and analyzes relevant to various sectoral policies. Emphasizing the contribution of the ESPON programme to the implementation of the Territorial Agenda 2030, Claude Turmes affirmed that “I am proud that the ESPON programme, which I host in Luxembourg, produces and delivers a vast panoply of data, analyzes and maps that became synonymous to expertise and knowledge that is unique in Europe”.

You can read more in the Press Release published by the Ministry of Territorial Planning