Territorial Dynamics in Europe: Natural Hazards and Climate Change in European Regions

coverJune 2013 - The seventh volume of ESPON Territorial Observations focuses on Natural Hazards and Climate Change.

Europe is currently affected by two major global challenges. One is the economic and financial crisis. The other is the gradual change of climatic conditions.

Like the impacts of the economic and financial crisis, the impacts of climate change caused by natural processes but also human activities, affect and will affect the European territory. However not all regions and cities are and will be affected in the same way. In some places these challenges have little impacts. In other places, they will in the worst case reinforce each other and provide a serious challenge for future growth and employment.

This diversity of impacts within Europe is very important to understand in order to shape the best possible actions at national, regional and local levels. Evidence informed responses are necessary which are based on solid and comparable research, analysis and data that cover the entire European territory, its regions and cities. The ESPON 2013 Programme has been set up to deliver on this particular task.

Observing impacts of natural hazards and climate change is of relevance on two accounts:

  • On the one hand, there is a need to become aware of challenges that might affect development negatively and even pose risk for the economy as well as for people.
  • On the other hand, there are future development opportunities and dynamics that could become new potentials for growth.

Against this backdrop this report aims at identifying some territorially differentiated policy options linked to urban and regional development in order to tackle climate change and natural hazard related risks.

ESPON Territorial Observation No. 7 on Territorial Dynamics in Europe - Natural Hazards and Climate Change in European Regions, including maps and figures, is available below.

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TO7: Natural Hazards and Climate Change in European Regions

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