Thematic Action Plan (TAP) on ‘Climate neutral territories’

Climate change has become a recognised challenge at the global level and is being addressed by the EU as a top priority with high urgency. The TAP theme ‘Climate neutral territories’ aims to support this EU priority by creating territorial evidence on climate change related challenges and development opportunities. This will be done by looking into possibilities to transform climate change-related challenges into opportunities in such a way that all European territories are encouraged and stimulated to transition towards climate neutrality by 2050.

The objective of this TAP is to develop the knowledge base as regards the territorial aspects of a green transition towards a climate neutral economy. Through observations for the entire ESPON Programme area, this TAP intends to provide new insights and possible pathways for all types of territories to decrease carbon emissions, increase carbon sinks, create, enhance and manage green infrastructure (GI), support the energy transition, green digital transition and a shift towards a green and circular economy. The TAP will have a special focus on territories with additional challenges, such as economic development, accessibility or social disparities, and show them how a climate neutral approach can address these.

Among others, this TAP:

  • includes comparative studies aimed at identifying territorial challenges and opportunities that would lead/hamper the transition towards climate neutral territories (e.g. geographical specificities and similarities)
  • informs countries, regions and the local level aiming to develop climate neutral strategies as well as strategies towards a greener Europe
  • promotes networking and involvement of civil societies in actions in relation to climate neutral territories
  • strengthens the capacities and skills of policy makers, on all levels of governance and across policy sectors, in order to further integrate carbon neutral territories in programming and policy making processes
  • supports the capacity development of different territorial actors in planning, managing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating to achieve development towards climate neutral territories
  • contributes to understanding possible territorial consequences, opportunities and challenges of territorial diverse European regions, urban and rural areas following various pathways towards being greener and completely carbon neutral in 2050.

Read more about the Thematic Action Plan (TAP) on ‘Climate neutral territories’ in the document that is attached below. 

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