The Managing Authority is responsible for the efficient management and implementation of the ESPON 2030 Operational Programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management. 

Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning

Department of Spatial Planning

4, Place de l'Europe

L-2946 Luxembourg

E-mail: [email protected]


Head of Managing Authority: Myriam BENTZ

(e-mail: [email protected])

Programme contact: Thiemo ESER | European and International Affairs

(Tel: +352 247-86934; e-mail: [email protected])


Contact and support:

Sara FERRARA | Senior Expert / Management Support and Coordination - GIE LERAS

(Tel: +352 247-86963; e-mail: [email protected])

Eva SZARAZI | Financial and Communication Officer - GIE LERAS

(Tel: +352 247-86964; e-mail: [email protected])

Jozsef SZARKA | Senior Expert / Financial Management and Control - GIE LERAS

(Tel: +352 247-86962; e-mail: [email protected])


The GIE LERAS supports the secretarial function of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning as Managing Authority of the ESPON 2030 Cooperation Programme.