#COVID19-How local and regional authorities respond to the crisis

In the past months, ESPON collected sources and evidence on how national and local actors are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. A number of authors replied to our invitation and submitted their experiences and initiatives to address the challenges of this unprecedented crisis. All the articles were posted under the title #COVID19-How local and regional authorities respond to the crisis. You can now find here the links to all these articles - this post will be updated any time we have new contributions, as we are always open to hosting other authors covering the ESPON countries.

The case of Bilbao - by the deputy mayor of Bilbao city council, Gotzone Sagardui

The case of Luxembourg - by the ESPON Luxembourg Contact Point, Greta Szendrei, Estelle Evrard, and Birte Nienaber.

The case of Interreg Central Europe - by the communication manager in Interreg Central Europe, Anna Sirocco

The case of Catalonia - by the representative of the government of Catalonia to the European Union, Meritxell Serret i Aleu

The case of Athens - by the press officer of KYADA, Nektaria Karakosta

The case of France - by the journalist Caroline Garcia

The case of Sintra - by the representative of the international relations of the municipality of Sintra, Filipa Guimarães