The cross-border cooperation in Central Europe and cross-border programming



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Dresden, Germany

11 June 2019 - 10:00am to 5:00pm


This event will capitalise on ESPON research related to cross-border FUA planning, governance and service provision in an effort to support the development and implementation strategies for cross-border integration in Central Europe.

It will provide empirical evidence for the socio-economic and environmental conditions in Central-European border regions as well as policy advice, supporting:

  • the allocation of development resources to reduce deadweight losses and market failures that adversely affect border regions
  • Interreg cross-border programming
  • Efforts to streamline joint investments (e.g. based on the cross-border convention) and joint provision of public services
  • The identification of niche development concepts for integration in larger market value chains
  • Capacity building for officials in border regions with regard to cross-border planning, governance, service provision as well as programming and implementation of Interreg cross-border programmes.


Further information about the programme will be available soon.