Entrepreneurial regional governance
Territorial cohesion through open innovation


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Congress Centre

7 December 2022 to 8 December 2022

5 května
1640/65 Prague
Czech Republic
Tel: +420261171111
Web: https://www.praguecc.cz

Benefits from societal innovation are not the privilege of regions with structural innovation capacity. This conclusion from the newest ESPON research commissioned by the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union was the theme of the ESPON seminar, that took place on 7 and 8 December in Prague. 

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The ESPON seminar offered the first-of-its-kind forum in Europe discussing the use of European funds for transforming our regional economies in the interest of society. It was an opportunity to mainstream the practice of Entrepreneurial Regional Governance and inform about the New European Innovation Agenda.

Some of the topics addresses were:

 - the New European Innovation Agenda (JRC)

- the Entrepreneurial Regional Governance concept (ESPON)

- the Partnerships for Regional Innovation (JRC)

- Smart Specialisation Strategies adjusted for Sustainable Development Goals (JRC and Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade)

- Public Service Innovation and Open Governance (OECD)

- Digital Innovation in Governance and Public Services, notably open data (ESPON)


ESPON Seminar Prague programme FINAL.pdf

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Mikel Landabaso Partnerships for Regional Innovation.pdf

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Gaurav Ganguly The European Outlook.pdf

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Dominique Foray S3-advancing regional innovation policies.pdf

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Vassilen Iotzov Entrepreneurial Regional Governance.pdf

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David Uhlir South Moravia realities on the ground.pdf

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Petr Ocko Ministry of Industry and Trade and the development of regions.pdf

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Steward Fred challenge-led transformative innovation.pdf

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Neville Reeve EU missions.pdf

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Daniel Vsetecka Czech mission-oriented approach for societal challenges.pdf

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Martin Gauk ESPON research on B2G and G2B data.pdf

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Bulicek-Velnerova-Merta Data Portal KHK Region.pdf

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Kimmo Lylykangas The ESPON GGIA tool.pdf

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Jose Luis Luna Alpizar ESG data in public policies.pdf

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Jacek Zaucha Measuring Territorial Cohesion as a precondition for TIA.pdf

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Florence Thome TIA at the European Committee of the Regions.pdf

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Patrycja Artymowska Territorial Agend -TIA Pilot Action.pdf

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Mikolaj Herbst TIA with SPA.pdf

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Call for papers - TIA special issue.pdf

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Maria Virinia Michalun experimental governance for regional governance.pdf

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Pedro Marques experimental governance in regional innovation policymaking.pdf

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Daniel Andre Sweden's EU Presidency.pdf

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Policy context papers.pdf

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