ESPON-IRiE Interregional Relations in Europe: Knowledge Transfer Event


Pamplona, Spain

Auditorio BALUARTE

24 November 2022 to 25 November 2022

Plaza de la Constitución
31002 Pamplona

ESPON IRiE project came to an end with fresh evidence on interregional relations to Europe available for policy use. To make it actionable and to sensitise the stakeholders on putting it to practice, a knowledge transfer event was held on the 24th and 25th of November 2022 in the Baluarte Conference Centre in Pamplona. 

ESPON IRiE aimed to understand the interregional flows of people, capital, goods, services and knowledge and how those are impacted by a number of factors. The project developed different scenarios and addressed some of the most recent and urgent challenges, like the war in Ukraine.

You can find some very interesting results in the interactive portal of the project

During the event in Pamplona, organised by ESPON EGTC with the collaboration of the Government of Navarra, the most relevant results of the IRiE project were presented alongside the further stakeholder and research participation opportunities under the new ESPON 2030 programme.

The conference included several plenary sessions with renowned speakers and two round tables with the participation of regional representatives and national and international policy makers – with the purpose to explain how the results obtained in IRiE constitute a fundamental contribution to the development of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S4) or to support Circular Economy and Energy Transition policies throughout Europe.


Conference IRIE in Pamplona - agenda.pdf

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IRIE Conference Pamplona - post event brief.pdf

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1 Presenting ESPON 2030 - Nicolas Rossignol.pdf

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2 ESPON IRiE Xabier Xabier Velasco.pdf

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3 Global value chains and the Basque Economy - Inaki Arto.pdf

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4 Trade of goods and services in Europe - Carlos Llano.pdf

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4B Interregional freight and passenger transport flows in Europe - Bjorn Schwarze - Klaus Spiekermann.pdf

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5 Interregional FDI flows in Europe - Dimitris Kallioras - Maria Adamakou.pdf

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5B Interregional Remittances flows in Europe - Dimitris Kallioras - Maria Adamakou.pdf

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6 Knlowedge flows patents citations - Carlos Llano Julián Moral Santiago Pérez-Balsalobre Jorge Vindel.pdf

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7 Interregional migration flows - Tomasz Komornicki, Wojciech Pomianowski, Rafał Wiśniewski, Barbara Szejgiec-Kol.pdf

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7B Interregional tourist flows - Tomasz Komornicki, Wojciech Pomianowski, Rafał Wiśniewski, Barbara Szejgiec-Kole.pdf

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8 Tracking national tourism flows in real time trough BBVA card spending - Giancarlo Carta.pdf

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9 The circular economy agenda in Navarra - Pablo Munoz.pdf

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9B S4 Navarra - Eskerrik Asko.pdf

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10 A multilayer vision of regional integration - Tomasz Komornicki, Piotr Rosik, Marcin Mazur.pdf

  • Acrobat Document | 3.61MB

11 The European recovery with the enemy at the gate - Carlos Llano.pdf

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12 Policy consequences - Daniel Rauhut - Juha Halme.pdf

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13 The credit cycle turns Key risks - Jorge Valez.pdf

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14 Aggression in Ukraine - migration - Eugenia Maruniak.pdf

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14B Housing banking scenario - Jorge Valez.pdf

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14C Industria, Energía y Proyectos Estrategicos de la S4 - Eskerrik Asko.pdf

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