ESPON meets Minister Bartoš of the Czech presidency

The ESPON EGTC had the opportunity today to meet (online) with the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitisation and Minister of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Mr Ivan Bartoš. ESPON director Wiktor Szydarowski presented the role and the work of ESPON, focusing on the services provided to the Czech presidency of the EU, particularly a dedicated in-house research, tackling lagging places with low innovation capacity and unfavourable innovation environment.

Minister Bartoš showed great interest in ESPON’s work and explained his views on regional development, giving priority to fighting digital poverty, increasing the operational capacity of local and regional stakeholders and supporting energy communities.

As the Minister highlighted the importance of data-driven policymaking, Mr Swydarowski also presented how ESPON is trying to shed light on the blind spots of policymaking and provide data and evidence on different areas, such as digital public services and housing.

Minister Ivan Bartoš will be a keynote speaker at the ESPON seminar organized 7-8 December in Prague in cooperation with the Czech Presidency.