ESPON Peer Learning Workshop - ESPON and the Territorial Agenda inspiring the ÖREK-2030 process in Austria - an example for enriching national strategies with European knowledge



13 November 2020

This half-day event will bridge knowledge from ESPON and the Territorial Agenda with the ongoing process of developing the next spatial development strategy of Austria. Discussions will highlight how ESPON knowledge and experiences from case studies can inspire policy processes at national level.

Spatial challenges such as climate change adaptation and mitigation or the transformation to a decarbonised society play important roles in national spatial planning strategies across the European Union. Sustainable spatial development has a long and cross-generational perspective (Adscheid and Schmitt, 2019). Spatial developments are very slow and constant: any large spatial change is induced by a large number of decisions that only become noticeable and recognisable after a long period of time (Albrechts and Balducci, 2013). It is difficult to reverse these developments and it is very costly to compensate for the undesired consequences of previously chosen paths (Jokinen et al., 2018). Therefore, a national spatial development policy committed to sustainability needs a centralised common ground to be effective.

Organised as part of the European Spatial Observatory Network (ESPON) programme, this online workshop will deal with several subjects relating to the SDGs though the lens of spatial planning. The central focus of the workshop is mutual learning from the implementation of national-scale territorial development plans dealing with climate change adaptation and mitigation. One such plan, the Austrian Spatial Development Concept (ÖREK), offers a strategy for the proactive handling of social, environmental and technological transformation processes on a national level and presents contributions made through spatial planning for coping with pressing economic, social and ecological challenges created by looming climate crisis. The event will involve stakeholders from European regions who will share their experiences in developing spatial development strategies and policies on different levels.

Presentations from the event now available.

Presentations from the event

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