Workshop "The importance of developing better basic services for sparsely populated / underpopulated areas"
ESPON at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019


Brussels, Belgium

SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre

9 October 2019

Rue Mont des Arts
1000 Brussels

The decline of rural areas and the growing disparities between them and urban/metropolitan regions is an undeniable fact. Unemployment, poverty and social exclusion, demographic change (ageing population, gender disparities and brain drain), less opportunities for education and employment, create huge inequalities between rural areas and the big urban centers. In this workshop we shall examine how the provision of better basic services can help alleviate these inequalities, and ensure sustainable development and growth for everyone, everywhere in the European Union.


Partner: CoR - SEDEC commission

Experts at the ESPON EGTCGavin DalyPiera Petruzzi

Registration: You can register on the official page of the EWRC

Registration deadline: 27/09/2019