Workshop "A new territorial narrative for the future of Europe"
ESPON at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019


Brussels, Belgium

Committee of the Regions

9 October 2019

Rue Van Maerlant 2
1040 Brussels

Europe faces multi-faceted challenges putting the achievements of European integration at risk. Further increase in disparities and inequalities between places will drive people and also Europe apart. Our response to these challenges will be decisive for the future well-being of the people living in Europe, and the economic, social and territorial cohesion. A clear and widely shared narrative, that will guide policymaking in the post-2020 era is very much needed. 

Contributing to this debate, ESPON recently finalised a flagship project (the European Territorial Reference Framework -ETRF) that analyses Europe’s key challenges and trends and developed four different scenarios for the future that follow different approaches to address the challenges and strengthen territorial cohesion in Europe.

These scenarios were developed through scientific research, exchanges with policymakers and comparative analysis of findings from other studies. ETRF provides answers to questions related to the future goals of Cohesion Policy, the investment strategies that could maximise the potentials of cities and regions in the framework of post-2020 EU strategic policies and the investment strategies that could address the differentiated territorial development challenges in Europe.

The final results will be presented during this event and will be discussed among a panel of experts and the audience.

Experts at the ESPON EGTC: Gavin Daly and Nikos Lampropoulos

Registration: You can register on the official page of the EWRC

Registration deadline: 27/09/2019