The World in Europe: Global FDI Flows towards Europe

Theme: World in Europe


This study will further elaborate on relevant results of the ESPON TIGER analysis on FDI flows, as well as experiences of the ESPON FOCI and ESPON ITAN projects.

The main objective of this service contract is to provide recommendations that could support regions and cities in their positioning and defining their policies towards receiving FDI, as well as integrating the attraction of foreign firms in regional development strategies. Further reading.

Policy questions

  • What are the global patterns and recent trends (10 years) of inward FDI flows to the EU, and how do they affect the overall territorial development of the European territory?
  • What relevance do inward FDI flows have for regional growth and competitiveness as well as for reducing economic disparities in Europe (among more developed, transition and less developed regions)?
  • What types of regions and cities receive foreign investments and for which economic activities (manufacturing and service industries and sub-categories)?
  • What territorial factors seem to determine FDI location? How do macroeconomic factors and local regulations affect inward FDI flows territorially?
  • What policy measures could be implemented to attract FDI in order to boost the competitiveness of EU territories at different scales (global, European, transnational, national, regional, urban)?


  • Copenhagen Economics A/S, DK (lead contractor)
  • Ronald Davis, Rodolphe Desbordes, Jan van Hove, Holger Gorg, Rikard Forslid, Katarina Nilsson, Quoc Hy Dao, Pauline Plagnat, Julien Grundfelder, Iryna Kristensen, Olivier Crevoisier, Bent E. Sorensen (subcontractors)

Project Support Team

  • Mathilde Konstantopoulou, Greece
  • Maria Ginnity, Ireland

Budget: € 694,000.00

Lifetime: June 2016 – December 2017


  • Inception delivery, 10 August 2016
  • Interim delivery, 10 March 2017
  • Draft Final delivery, 10 August 2017
  • Final delivery, 10 December 2017

Contact: Sandra Di Biaggio (project expert),

Further information: the full description of this applied research activity is available below.


Draft final report

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Executive summary

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Scientific report on FDI drivers

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Scientific report on collection of regional FDI

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Scientific report on trends and patterns in FDI

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Scientific report with case studies

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Scientific report on impacts of FDI

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Interim report

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List of Activities

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Inception report

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Scientific annex on the collection of regional FDI data

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The World in Europe, global FDI flows towards Europe

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