From ESPON 2020 to ESPON 2030
Building on 20 years of innovative support for territorial policy making



29 March 2022

08h45 - 13h00

The Managing Authority of the ESPON 2020 Programme is organizing an online high-level conference with the participation of:

  • Ms Elisa Ferreira, the EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform
  • Mr Apostolos Tzitzikostas, the President of the Committee of the Regions
  • Mr Claude Turmes, the Luxembourgish Minister for Energy and Spatial Planning
  • Mr Younous Omarjee, the Chair of the REGI Committee of the European Parliament


 The event comes timely at the closing of the current programming period (2014-2020) and the opening of the new one (2021-2027), and provides a unique opportunity to  present and discuss the achievements and the future of the ESPON  Programme:

More concretely, the conference will: 

  • take stock and inform about the achievements of the ESPON 2020 Programme highlighting how the programme has continuously adapted to both the target group’s needs and existing shortcomings (e.g.: more outreach, more tailored approach, on-demand services, etc.);
  • raise awareness about the next ESPON 2030 Programme, the new strategic integrated approach and the first themes of research;
  • present the preliminary result of the consultation process on the first TAP themes and their focus;
  • present and discuss how different stakeholders can be involved;
  • present and discuss the “new targeted analysis” approach.

Date and time

29 March 2022, 08h45 - 13h00

Target Groups

The event addresses the EU level officials, national and regional stakeholders and other relevant organisations, authorities implementing ESIF programmes and organisations promoting different regional/urban interests at EU level as well as national, regional and local stakeholders engaged in policy-making on territorial development. The conference also addresses universities and research institutes as key actors for the development of the knowledge base at the core of the ESPON Programme.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about how ESPON evolved and will support territorial policy-making in the new programming period.

Participate in further shaping the future ESPON 2030 Programme!


The event will be web-streamed and you can follow it live or watch it later on this page and on the ESPON Twitter account and on the ESPON Youtube channel

More information

For more information, please contact: [email protected] and/or [email protected]