Green economy - Video message by Ilona Raugze Director of ESPON EGTC

This video contribution was part of a conference about "Green economy in the Apennine Region" on 22-23 May 2018

Information about the conference:

The Conference collected green economy-related methods and experiences to try to answer these questions reflecting on shared priorities and on the opportunities offered by different territories to stakeholders and sectors involved in innovation at large (e.g. energy, agri-food industries, manufacturing, tourism, no-profit). The goal is to take stock on a model for instilling green economy and fostering its development in complex areas. In particular, we aim to create the foundations of a framework for a green development strategy in the Apennine region. The strategy should be coherent with local and global demands, integrated within institutional actions by public bodies and in line with international goals requiring a greening of the economic system in order to be met (e.g. mitigation and adaptation to environmental climate change, reduction of land consumption, shifting of production towards green and organic sectors, biodiversity protection, etc.). The Conference is also an occasion for the dissemination of the Sixth Report on the State of the Alps (RSA 6), coordinated by the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention and published in 2017 by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention. 


  1. Green economy and natural resources management
  2. Green economy and public policies
  3. Green economy, finance, jobs and business

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