Juuka, North Karelia - ESCAPE

Juuka (LAU 2), located in south-eastern Finland, can be seen as an archetype of a small, rural and remote Finnish municipality that has been facing population decline for many decades. From 1972 to 2018, Juuka’s population almost halved. Currently, the major cause of shrinking is ageing, process, to a large extent, fuelled by earlier outmigration processes (to industrial areas, due to agricultural and forestry mechanisation, and for better educational opportunities). Nevertheless, out-migration still takes place particularly among younger age cohorts for educational or job-seeking purposes.


Case study: Juuka, North Karelia

Country: Finland (FI) 

Project: European Shrinking Rural Areas: Challenges, Actions and Perspectives for Territorial Governance (ESCAPE)

Delivery: 12/2020

Population: 4,938

Classification: LAU2