Landscape heritage and sustainable tourism in the post-COVID period Peer Learning Workshop


25 February 2021

Natural and cultural heritage sites are among the main tourist attractions in Iceland, and a main factor in the rapid increase in foreign travellers in Iceland in recent years. Now, Covid-19 has toppled what had become Iceland’s biggest industry. Iceland now has the opportunity to continue developing its infrastructure, and also to carry out research and manage the overcrowding at certain tourist destinations, rebalancing the general offer of Icelandic territories to tourists, and develop planning and management tools. 

The ESPON Peer Learning Workshop ‘Landscape heritage and sustainable tourism in the post-COVID period’ will focus on the ongoing Icelandic discussion about developing a new tourism strategy based on national landscape heritage, providing examples of territorial specific approaches in facing developmental challenges. The objective is to show and discuss how ESPON knowledge can inspire the development of national policy instruments and how national and regional stakeholders can make (better) use of trans-European knowledge and case studies from other countries.

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