Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • ESPON e-Tendering Platform

    The ESPON EGTC has developed an e-tendering platform which allows access to all Calls for Tenders and related documentation such as technical specifications, annexes, questions and answers. More 

    Call for Tender "ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade"

    The ESPON EGTC has launched a Call for Tender "ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade". Deadline to submit an offer is 05 December 2016 at 10:00. More 

    ESPON Seminar "Where are European cities heading? Evidence for better policy-making"

    Bratislava, 7-8 December 2016 - Together with the EU Presidency of Slovakia, the ESPON EGTC is organising a seminar to promote the use of territorial evidence for better policy-making. Register now 

    Policy brief on Circular Economy

    ESPON, Interact, Interreg Europe and URBACT have produced a policy brief outlining pathways to a circular economy in cities and regions. 

    Policy Brief "Polycentric Territorial Structures and Territorial Cooperation"

    This Policy Brief highlights the polycentric development potential in Europe.  

  • Policy Brief

    Polycentric Territorial Structures and Territorial Cooperation

    Polycentricity is a concept that encourages regions and cities, working with neighbouring territories, to explore common strengths and reveal potential complementarities, which brings added value that cannot be achieved by the individual regions and cities in isolation. The Policy Brief "Polycentric Territorial Structures and Territorial Cooperation" builds on existing evidence produced by ESPON highlighting the polycentric development potential in Europe. 

  • Stakeholder proposals for ESPON Targeted Analyses

    The next cut-off date for the submission of stakeholder proposals is on 13 January 2017. More 

  • Videos ESPON Tools

    To address today’s policy development, territorial diversity and cohesion challenges, ESPON provides a number of tools with valuable information and data for countries, regions, cities, and citizens. 

  • Evidence for Structural Funds Programmes

    The ESPON TerrEvi project produced factsheets presenting selected ESPON evidence in easy-to-understand way for all territorial cooperation programme areas. More


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    07-08 Dec 16 ESPON Seminar in Bratislava
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