Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Focus group meeting

    of the “Possible European Territorial Futures” project


    Vienna, 20 and 21 Febraury 2017

    The territorial impacts on European cities and regions of three imaginary futures will be discussed at a focus group meeting on 20/21 February 2017 in Vienna.

    Imagine you wake up and Europe has changed drastically overnight as concerns its energy system, economic system or its property markets.

    • How will Europe’s territorial structure look like if its energy production and supply was fully renewable?
    • Which regions and cities will benefit and which ones will suffer if Europe's economic organisation was fully circular and place based?
    • How would be winners and losers if property markets collapsed all over Europe?

    These questions will be discussed at the second focus group of the ESPON project on “Possible European Territorial Futures”.

    The focus group will be organized in the format of an interactive workshop with intensive thematic work in small groups, allowing participants to benefit from inspiring discussions among European peers and contribute to a project with a strong policy relevance, whose outcome will set the standard for future territorial foresight studies in Europe.

    More information about the programme and registration can be found here.