The material cultural heritage: operationalisation of diverse research outcomes for policy makers


Vienna, Austria

Austrian Federal Monuments Board

6 June 2023 to 7 June 2023

Bundesdenkmalamt, Hofburg, Säulenstiege
1010 Vienna

The event will present the results of the ESPON HERITAGE and ESPON HERIWELL studies, that are both dedicated to cultural heritage. The rich set of research outcomes and policy recommendations will offer the opportunity to discuss further ideas and proposals on: 

  • a practical regional development package to assist national and local authorities in fostering measures that increase socio-economic and well-being aspects of built cultural heritage.
  • proposals on how to improve statistical data collection on cultural heritage, especially the creation of a satellite account for cultural heritage.
  • life cycle extension and re-use of existing (historic) buildings by focusing on how to adapt them to contemporary use demands.

The results of the event will be primarily used by the representatives of national heritage institutions:

  • To nationally better communicate ways how to employ the socioeconomic value of built cultural heritage
  • To submit targeted proposals to Eurostat concerning data collection, see subdomain “cultural heritage” (

The event is organised in the framework of the new ESPON 2030 Programme’s Thematic Action Plan “Perspective for all people and places”.



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