Monitoring and Tools

Under the Specific Objective 3 of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme, “Improved territorial observation and tools for territorial analyses”, the ESPON EGTC continues developing online tools for territorial analyses and mapping which will provide user-friendly support and highly-accessible territorial data for policymakers and practitioners. In addition, the ESPON EGTC continues monitoring European territorial dynamics to inform and support important policy development processes.

The following projects are available:

  1. European and Macro-regional Territorial Monitoring Tool
  2. ESPON 2020 Database Portal
  3. ESPON Territorial Impact Assessment Tool (upgrade)
  4. Functional Urban Areas and Regions in Europe
  5. Big Data for Territorial Analysis and Housing Dynamics
  6. SoET – State of the European Territory Report
  7. Accessibility by the sea indicators
  8. Scenarios for accessibility by the sea, road, rail, air and multimodal
  9. SDG localising tool
  10. ESPON HyperAtlas 3.0

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