Montsià - PROFECY

Each case study within the PROFECY project looks into real inner peripheral problems and by applying the theoretical concepts and analysing the critical factors and drivers in the inner peripheral processes aims to improve practical responses. The Montsià County, located in Catalonia in eastern Spain, shows internal and external "disconnection”, although in recent years, local actors have worked together to internally connect the territory as a preliminary step to stablish links with neighbouring territories and centres of power. This case study discusses, among others, the Montsià 2026 Strategy as a way to address peripheralization processes and problems.

Identity :

Case study: Montsià

Country: Spain (ES) 

Project: Processes, Features and Cycles of Inner Peripheries in Europe (PROFECY) 

Delivery: 12/2017

Population: 67,646

Classification: LAU1


D5 Annex 15. Case study report. Montsià (Spain).pdf

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