New Targeted Analyses proposals approved

4 new Targeted Analyses were approved by the ESPON EGTC after the second cut-of date. In total ESPON has now approved 8 Targeted Analyses proposals that involve 52 stakeholders from 21 countries and EU level. 

Below you may find the list of the projects with links for short description of their aims:

Targeted Analyses: Innovative planning in shrinking societies - RURALPLAN

Targeted Analysis: Putting clean energy transition policies into practice in central Europe - CleanEnergy4CE

Targeted Analysis: Interface Territories across the Alpine region - InTerAlp

Targeted Analysis: Determinants and opportunities for the socio-economic and spatial development of the Carpathian region - KARPAT

Targeted Analysis: Challenges at EU’s North-East External Borders - CHANEBO

Targeted Analysis: Orientations for the development of an Atlantic Macro-Region - AtlanticMRS

Targeted Analysis: Vulnerability, REsilience and REcovery POlicies of the physical living environment - VREPO

Targeted Analysis: Improving Local Intermediate Authorities' crises preparedness and territorial Resilience - ResiLIAnce