A new website for the Territorial Agenda

The Territorial Agenda 2030 has now a new, improved and optimized for mobile devices website. The new website offers content in all EU languages and provides information on the aims and the implementation of the Territorial Agenda: The background, the official documents, the pilot actions, news and articles from various authors. 

The Territorial Agenda 2030 underlines the importance of and provides orientation for strategic spatial planning and calls for strengthening the territorial dimension of sector policies at all governance levels. It seeks to promote an inclusive and sustainable future for all places and to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Europe. It defines two overarching objectives, a Just Europe and a Green Europe, which have six priorities for developing the European territory as a whole, along with all its places.

ESPON played a pivotal role in the renewal of the Territorial Agenda, that was first agreed in 2011. ESPON projects, European Territorial Reference Framework and European Territorial Review were among the key background documents of the renewed agenda.

The Atlas for the Territorial Agenda is a flagship document that was published by ESPON and the German Presidency of the EU Council in December 2020. The Atlas illustrates selected aspects of spatial development in Europe and focuses on the most important areas of action in the Territorial Agenda 2030.

ESPON published also a series of articles on the implementation of the pilot actions in its TerritoriALL magazine in November (pages 46 to 55)

You can visit the new website on https://territorialagenda.eu