Youngstars I Seminar - Create Europe!

Ljubljana 30-31 May 2005

The aim of the first Youngstars Seminar, held in Ljubljana was twofold. Firstly, it aimed at making ESPON results known among the young European scientific community, i.e. students and young professionals, interested in European spatial planning issues. Secondly, it aimed at providing a platform for new innovative ideas related to ESPON research,both from young members of the ESPON family – that are often doing the main part of the work but remain unseen and unheard in the official ESPON contexts – and from young professionals outside the ESPON family discussing and potentially using ESPON results in their work.

This finalised activity was leaded by ECP Germany and ECP Austria, ECP Greece, ECP Netherlands, ECP Slovenia and ECP United Kingdom were Project Partners.

Youngstars II Seminar is currently being organised, as follow-up of this first Youngstars.



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Final Programme 30-31 May 2005

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Seminar Introduction

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Workshop Introduction

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Excursion background

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'Urban-Rural relation'

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'Integrated tools'

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List of participants

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Final report

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